Fly Safe: Prevent Loss of Control Accidents

What is Loss of Control (LOC)? A Loss of Control (LOC) accident involves an unintended departure of an aircraft from controlled . LOC can happen because the aircraft enters a flight… more

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September 7, 2015

FAA Reports Close Calls With Drones Are Soaring in 2015

reports of unmanned aircraft have increased dramatically over the past year, from a total of 238 sightings in all of 2014, to more than 650 by August 9 of this year…. more

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August 13, 2015

Hot Stop Contains Li-ion Battery Fires Safely

Baker Aviation, a full-service aircraft maintenance, management, and charter company in North Texas, came to AirVenture 2015 with a countermeasure: the Hot-Stop ‘L’ Fire… more

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July 24, 2015