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Trig ADS-B STC expanded

Trig Avionics has achieved a further expansion of its STC program for its TT22 transponder.

Trig’s STC, which is free for existing and new customers, covers 576 aircraft types and allows a range of compliant GPS devices to be used, including popular GNS and GTN navigators.

“This STC is great news for pilots who want to get ADS-B equipped with the minimum fuss and expense,” said Trig Marketing Manager Jon Roper. “The TT22 is a certified device, easy to install and operate and now boasts compatibility with a range of GPS navigators.”

Pilots can use their existing WAAS GPS. If no suitable WAAS device exists, then customers can add a discrete blind Trig TN70 GPS unit, he said, noting this requires no change to the aircraft panel.

The TT22 transponder Control Head has a built-in altitude encoder and uses the existing aircraft antenna. The transponder is a Class 1 device using 1090 MHz, the international standard for ADS-B, increasing operational flexibility allowing use world-wide.



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