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Trig & Peregrine Expanding ADS-B STCs

Trig and STC partner Peregrine unveiled an expanded line of STCs for installing the TSO’d TT31 transponder with GPS input for an approved “out” solution covering a broad spectrum of Part 23 aircraft. The announcement at AirVenture 2015 provides an upgrade path for aircraft equipped with ’s WAAS GNS and GTN navigators.

“I’m pleased to share that our ADS-B STC program now includes all Garmin GTN navigators,” said Trig CEO Andy Davis.

Trig’s TT31 Mode S transponder broadcasts a 1090ES—for extended squitter—output, and is compatible with the installation trays and antenna hardware used by BendixKing KT76A and KT78A Mode C transponders. That makes the Trig TT31 a simpler—and lower-cost—installation than most alternatives.

“We understand that pilots want a low cost and simple upgrade path to ADS-B, and the TT31 fully meets this brief,” he said.

Peregrine has already earned STC coverage for Trig transponders with various GPS devices, including Trig’s TN70 and the Free 1201 GPS sources.


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