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Hot Stop Contains Li-ion Battery Fires Safely

July 24, 2015 – Any will tell you: an in- fire presents the most-immediate life-threatening situation they’ll ever face. Aircraft designers work to preclude fires under the engine cowl and in the electrical and fuel systems. But it’s what pilots and passengers carry these days that is a risk beyond control by planemakers: personal devices powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Baker Aviation, a full-service aircraft maintenance, management, and charter company in North Texas, came to AirVenture 2015 with a countermeasure: the Hot-Stop ‘L’ Fire Containment bag.

Hot-Stop bags safely contain fires, explosions, and smoke emissions from Li-ion-powered devices as well as any combustible item aboard an aircraft—without water.

“The logic of using water to contain these types of device fires on board an aircraft is flawed,” explained Ray Goyco Jr., president and chief operating officer for Baker Aviation. “Having the Hot-Stop ‘L’ bag on board is the safest and easiest way to prepare for potential fire incidents with mobile devices, while in the air.”

The bags consist of a felt core—with a 3,200ºF melting point—sandwiched between two outer layers with a 2080ºF melting point; they are proven to absorb the energy and fire while minimizing the escape of smoke, sparks, and flames with successful live-fire tests at the Technical Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey—and further independently fire tested by flight departments.

The Hot-Stop ‘L’ fire bag is the only product in this market to receive burn certifications. And these fire containment bags can be used to store a laptop, tablet, or smartphone as well as to contain an overheating device, or one in full thermal runaway.

A newly added benefit makes the Hot-Stop ‘L’ bag a lifelong purchase thanks to a commitment to replacement, free of charge, any of Hot-Stop ‘L’ bag used to contain thermal runaway of lithium-ion powered device aboard an aircraft.



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