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FlyThisSim Strives for Accessible Training

company FlyThisSim has introduced here at AirVenture Oshkosh its newest product, the TouchTrainer FM 210, a floor-mounted simulator featuring a 210-degree horizontal and 70-degree vertical field of vision, side-by-side seating, and a reconfigurable cockpit that can replicate the panel and instrumentation of some 100 aircraft.

Carl Suttle, the company’s joint CEO, explained the benefits of the new sim amidst a booth full of attendees clustered around the FM 210 and the other simulators on display (Booth 3009). Unlike many simulators in its category, the FM 210 can be used to practice landings realistically.

The 210-degree horizontal field provides all the peripheral view required for the visual cues pilots use when landing and taking off, while the vertical view doesn’t compress and distort forward vision, as do some simulators, which compromises the training experience.

The simulator is priced at $30,000, which Suttle explains is a bargain. “We invested in vacuum plastic molds for the cockpit that allow us to produce cockpits that are much lower cost, more durable, and attractive than similar cockpits fabricated from fiberglass or metal,” he said. “The cockpit is reconfigurable between single or dual seat, center console, single engine or twin aircraft, yoke or side-stick, Vernier or lever throttles.”

The system also incorporates twin headsets with side-tone, twin webcams for remote student monitoring, and USB power sources for powering and recharging iPads and laptops.



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