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Skywriter™ HUD – A Portable, Affordable Head Up Display

Atlanta, GA — Retinav LLC announced today the introduction of Skywriter™, a portable head up display () for . Skywriter brings the HUD’s proven margin of flight safety and utility to general aviation for a fraction of the price of the more limited legacy systems currently in use in Part 23 and 25 aircraft.The Skywriter system is practical in experimental and light sport aircraft, as well.

Skywriter is fully portable; it is self-contained; and it installs in minutes atop the glare shield. It is independent, providing the redundant GPS, AHRS, CPU, and flight data used by its own software.

Skywriter’s unique, patented EVS (enhanced vision system) is an aviation first that automatically reacts to incoming light, maintaining high display visibility from bright daylight to night, keeping critical information visible, non-intrusively, in the ‘s line of sight.

Skywriter’s founder and developer, Richard Herbst, explained, “We conceived Skywriter to give aircraft owners and pilots the HUD’s safety and enhanced flight control. A Flight Safety Foundation study shows that even legacy HUDs could reduce loss of control accidents by 61% and takeoff and landing accidents by 38%.

“Price has kept head up displays out of most privately owned aircraft,” Herbst said. “A dedicated HUD for something like a Gulfstream V can cost as much as $300,000 installed, prohibitive for most owners of Bonanzas, Cessnas, Pipers, and Mooneys. They can’t justify spending the equivalent of their aircraft’s value on a single instrument, even when the safety and convenience it provides are convincing. But for under 10% of that cost, they can readily justify the portable Skywriter.”

Skywriter’s mission is to make this improved technology available and affordable. Retinav expects to provide aviation’s first portable, affordable HUD to Part 23, Experimental and Light Sport category aircraft.




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