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Just Aircraft SuperSTOL Now Comes in XL

Just Aircraft has upsized its popular SuperSTOL airplane with the introduction of the Stretch XL. By adding two feet aft of the fuselage and six inches up front, the kit airplane can now handle the new UL Power 520 engine series as well as Lycoming O-320 engines for 150/160 hp.

The original SuperSTOL is powered by the 100 hp Rotax 912 (approximately 165 pounds with accessories), or the 115 hp Rotax 914, (175 pounds). The Stretch XL can accommodate engines weighing up to 315 pounds. The six-cylinder UL Power 520 weighs 255 pounds and the Lycoming O-320, 315 pounds. Appropriate engine mounts and redesigned cowlings will accompany the SuperSTOL Stretch XL kits.

“This is one of the first aircraft in the world with a UL Power 520 engine, rated at 180 hp,” said Harrison Smith, who completed Phase One flight testing in the Stretch XL. “Predictably, there’s an increase in the rate of climb and cruise speeds. The additional length in the Stretch XL provides handling similar to a high-horsepower Super Cub.”

He added that the UL Power 520 can burn autogas with up to 15 percent ethanol. “The fact that the engine has six cylinders virtually eliminates vibration,” he said.

The added length makes the SuperSTOL Stretch XL 21 feet 6 inches long. Its rate of climb with the UL 520 is 3,000 fpm, and it will cruise 109 mph at 2,600 rpm with a landing speed in the low 30s.


Source: Just Aircraft SuperSTOL Now Comes in XL


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