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First Look: IcyBreeze Portable Airplane Air Conditioner

Recreational piloting doesn’t always come with the luxury of . You can change that with the IcyBreeze cooler and portable air conditioner.

While prepping your plane for takeoff, turn on the IcyBreeze and fill your cabin with a blast of cold air that will keep you cool while waiting for takeoff. You can conserve your plane’s power by running the IcyBreeze using its rechargeable battery or by using the optional 12V or 110V power adapter.

The cool breeze can be pointed in the direction of your choice using an incorporated flexi-hose. As a , you are used to manning the controls, and the IcyBreeze is no different — the system can be operated via the control panel or with a remote cord for second row or cargo compartment installations. An optional hose extension kit allows for up to 6 feet of flexi-hose to reach anywhere you need.

The cool air is generated by the cold water and ice in the cooler, along with an innovative system for moving air into the IcyBreeze to be cooled and then dispensed.

The dual-function IcyBreeze cooler and air conditioner provides 38 quarts of space for drinks and food, while remaining small enough to travel in your aircraft. A variety of handles makes loading and unloading a breeze.

NOTE: The Modern Pilot will post a full review of the IcyBreeze in a future article.


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