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ForeFlight Releases Pre-Airventure Update

In the days leading up to ’s largest event, EAA Airventure Oshkosh, released ForeFlight Mobile v7.2.
This update, contains some key feature enhancements for Pro subscribers, such as adding Weight & Balance profiles to their cloud syncing capability and enhanced Graphical Flight Notifications.

Pilots worldwide will benefit from improved Global Winds Aloft modeling. Forecast winds globally employ a 3-hour window and an even better 1-hour forecast block for North America, Europe and Australia. This change will increase fuel-burn and time estimates during the route planning phase.

ForeFlight Mobile 7.2 for Apple WatchAlso of note in this release, for pilots with the Apple Watch, an overhauled Airports page. Replacing the weather page, up to 30 airports can now be tracked and monitored as well as new selectable tabs for nearby, recents and favorites.

Download ForeFlight Mobile v7.2 from the App Store today.

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